Mr. Mustafa KOÇ, CEO of Ziyaoğlu Textile, answered questions

09 / 03 / 2021

Mr. Mustafa KOÇ, CEO of Ziyaoğlu Textile, answered questions of Fair World Home Textile Magazine for its Hometex volume.

Let’s get started with past of Ziyaoğlu Textile, what would you like to say about it?

The company was founded as a wholesale distribution and marketing company in 1994 and started the production in home textile in 2006.

With 55.000 square meters of closed area in three different locations in Kestel Organized Industrial Zone, it has a production capacity of 100.000.000 square meters per year in a wide array of fabric sach as jacquard, dobby weave, embroidery and knitting. It has been making contribution to the national economy exporting to European countries, Balkans, African countries, Middle East, Turkic republics and Russia as well as the domestic market.

We, as Ziyaoğlu Textile, aim to be a global brand expanding our production and market places at the international level through Rozabella, Arsisa, Decostar and RozaValentia brands.

What will you say about HomeTex Frankfurt, when compared to Evteks?

Leaving behind its 21th edition, Evteks has significant position as the second largest event in home textile industry. HomeTex, which will be held 3th time this year, will take time to be in the same league with Evteks.

Hometex will host brands of home textile, drapery, curtain accessories and mechanism, upholstery, sleep and bedding products, so product diversity gathers different buyers. It has been providing an extra advantage for industrialist.

Could you brief us about contribution of exhibitions to Turkish economy and your trade volume?

The history of regional markets called “Panayır” in economic life of Turks date back to centuries ago. The Word “Panayır” comes from Greek “Penegyris” (meeting of all) which its lexical meaning is an open market set up in a place.

And these markets were used by countries and industrialists as a promotion tool and in this direction; promoters prepared industry specific programs and took initiative in forming today’s exhibitions.

Exhibitions in various branches of industry became an irreplaceable part of import and export connections. Local fairs have been gradually making a considerable contribution to a fast-growing domestic economy.

You can follow all global economic developments through exhibitions keeping open global communication network that provide integration with the world. It helps industrialists present more effectively their products in even more countries, in right markets, right fairs. Thus they can take a a larger market share increasing sales number.

What do you think of the industry’s general situation?

Home textile is one of the areas that the most effectively takes advantages of Turkey’s competitive power in textile and ready-to-wear. So home textile industry will continue to increase its share in export basket. Even though Turkish home textile is seperated from Far Eastern companies at the world’s markets, it can’t attain its well-deserved place.

Turkey is the hub of a broad region consisted of Europe, Balkans, Caucasia, Central Asia, North Africa and Middle East, Although it offers an advantage of faster service in terms of meeting of customer demands, high labor and energy costs reduce the competitive power against Far East countries. You need to bring down the prices by reducing tax and funds on costs of energy and employment in order to use in a more effective way the geographic advantage. It will be a great incentive for industrialists, so it will pave the way for export.

How will 2016 be for home textile industry, could you assess briefly it?

Developments in the financial markets, the World and our country affected negatively. The course of currency in the world’s markets in 2015 affected adversely production plans of industrialists and forced them to search for different solutions.

We expect that economy will follow a safer and normal course in the next year.But political and global uncertainties have been suppoerting the view that 2016 will be a difficult year.

International credit rating agencies predict low growth figures for Turkey in 2016. We think that the first half of the year will be stable and its second half will be more fluctuant. Although all these views, we wish that 2016 recovers what were lost in the economy. We, as Ziyaoğlu Textile, will continue our steady and cautious growth.

We will continue to bring together our new products and customers participating in Evteks, HomeTex, Heimtextil and events in Russia and Kazakhstan etc.

  • Mr. Mustafa KOÇ, CEO of Ziyaoğlu Textile, answered questions